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To bring world-class healthcare to remote and primary care through breakthrough innovation.

Our Vision

Patient-centric, Innovative, Collaborative Network and Passion.

Our Story

After a long and successful history building and establishing best practices in public and private hospitals, we realized that we are only addressing part of a more significant healthcare issue.  Today, both in the developed / developing nations, the core challenge in Healthcare is in building a referral network of primary care / remote care, and connecting them to the established hospitals / medical specialists, to improve the Access to Healthcare and for preventive care.

The common phenomenon of medical services worldwide is serious shortage of experienced doctors. Therefore we aim to provide solutions for those health institutions in which the first-line primary medical services are performed by general practitioners or non-doctoral medical staffs.

We believe that Healthcare Revolution is urgently needed to put more resources in improving access and primary care.  Our solution will bridge the gap between hospital / specialists to the remote care/primary care and general practitioners/nurses, allowing seamless collaboration to improve healthcare of every patients rich and poor.

Innovative Solution for Remote Healthcare Management

The public healthcare organizations must collect large and significant amount of patient data in order to analyze and understand the healthcare situation in the country.

At present, this heavy burden is mostly manual and dependent on traditional labors, the overwhelming amount of paper files not only requires extra manpower to read and analyze, but also can hardly avoid man-kind of mistakes.

With the consideration for facilitating the medical services in the remote areas, we design a system which can be a useful tool for medical team to conduct medical services in the remote areas. It can effectively connect medical staffs at the health headquarters and the rural health stations, so to establish a smooth and continuous interaction along all the involved personnel for the daily activities of Medicare.

Using smart phone for patient care and monitoring. Vital sign measurement can be performed remotely using connected or manual measuring devices.

The application can collect patient records and store data in the Cloud. All the patient complaints, physical examination, required laboratory exams, diagnosis, and medication are guided by preprogrammed protocols, which can be easily recognized and synchronized by the system.

Hesiod Centralized Patient Medical Repository
  • Manage full maternity and infant care cycle
  • Real-time Access to Patient Record
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment
  • Manage full cycle of pregnancy and infant care
  • Clinical Analytics for Medical Staff
  • Population Management Analytics for Ministry of Health
  • Protocol driven care
  • Population Health dashboard
  • User-friendly web-interface (zero-footprint web client solution)
Hesiod Referral Management
  • Protocol driven referral through real-time interface
  • Fully integrated between clinics and Hospital
  • Full patient records are synchronized and provide a consistent view between clinics and hospital
  • Appointment schedule management
  • Result dissemination and care cycle management
Hesiod Mobile Application
  • User friendly mobile application
  • Intuitive mobile user interface reduced training requirements
  • Protocol driven workflow (including ANC checklist)
  • Manage full maternity and infant care cycle
  • Integrated medical records for patient, infant and also family members


Remote Healthcare Program

Our program model started with discussions with end-providers: physicians, nurses/midwives, administrators, remote healthcare workers, etc. The outcome of our discussions set the boundaries for the pilot project. Our technology team set forth guidelines for the application and platform (data warehouse). The application would collect patient records and store data in the Cloud. All the patient complaints, physical examination, required laboratory exams, diagnosis, and medication are guided by preprogrammed protocols, which can be easily recognized and synchronized by the system.

For the verification of the system, we reached a technical cooperation agreement with the District Government of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for a pilot project.District Health Office (DHO) appoints medical teams (general practitioners, nurses and midwives) from Puskesmas (Sub-District Health Centers) and District Hospital, to support the Pilot Project. All the involved medical staffs received sufficient training in using the system for medical services in the remote areas. In addition, some administrators are responsible for the coordination of the real-time referral requests from Sub-Puskesms to Puskesmas to District Hospitals.


The checkup devices include electrocardiogram, heartbeat rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, urine routine, and blood glucose. The achievement of the Pilot Project are:

1. Extend Medical Services from 21 Puskesmas to 63 Sub-Puskesmas
2. The daily medical services are equipped with efficient devices, medication and consumables.
3. Using Cloud to store all saved patient data which can be download at any time for further checkup and data review.
4. Using App for diagnosis, referral, inventory and patient data analysis
5. The patient location can be easily found on the web map.

Note: Puskesmas is the government run health centers in sub- districts which are under the responsibility of the District Health Office (DHO), providing comprehensive healthcare and vaccination for the population. Every Puskesmas is responsible to provide medical services to 3 – 5 villages (Sub-Puskesmas) in the same sub-district.


Maternity and Infant Care Program
The RHC app is designed as a tool for the real-time management of the maternity and the Infant related Medicare.
The Health Headquarter has the access to see the real-time data on the website, which are input by sub-district stations for:
  • How many pregnant women in total at the present, and how many patients are in High Risk,
  • All the pregnant women are listed by sub-districts also shown on the map, their medical records are shown by clicking on their names, their home locations can be found on the map of the website.
  • How many are expected to deliver in this month, how many babies are born,
  • How many in Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and over the due date but not be recorded,
  • The referral can be performed in real-time, the responsible staff in the sub-district health stations or district hospitals can receive the referral request from the medical staffs (GP or midwives) in remote areas on the web,
  • Patient medical record is attached, the staff can send an appointment date back to the GP or midwives immediately.
  • The examination result will be filled and submitted to the saved medical records,
  • GP can read the result, so this referral case is “resolved”.
Community Medical Centers and Nursing Homes
The platform can be modified for specific needs of any nursing homes, where the patients are taken cared by nurses, and supported by doctors from the contracted hospitals in distance.
The nurses may use the app for patient daily care and save the medical records in the cloud. Doctors can read the patients’ medical records when the nurse sending out a referral request whenever facing a difficult case or risk condition.
Other Programs of Remote Healthcare
The system can be modified according to different needs, including:
  • Elderly
  • Diabetics
  • Cardiac
  • Cancer Early Detection


Basic System
Tailor-made System
The Usage of Online System
Special Requests for Data Analysis
Training Program
Consultancy for organizational structuring and efficient management skill
Collaboration with Research Program

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